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Sir Ajeet Pandey a fabulous teacher and a very very nice human being. His relationship with the students has always been wonderful They would always look forward to his class. He constantly motivated his students to do well. He always treated his students like his own children. Which is a very rear quality to find in teachers in todayís day and age. His hardworking and dedication is admirable .all in all I couldnít have asked for a better teacher. May god bless you always sir. I thank you for all the efforts you put in with my son and help him get great results.


By: Anu Andrade

Extremely dedicated teacher who left no stone unturned to ensure all his students do exceedingly well in the Subject

ASR Rox2019-05-08

By: Suravi Chugh

The best mixture of a entertaining , influential and hard working teacher has to be Ajeet sir hands down. He has always worked hard in preparing all our tests and worksheets to help us our. I never even expected to score 100 in math if it had not been for him and his constant guidence and support. I thank him truly from the bottom of my heart for letting me achieve the unexpected. ASR rox!!

Sir is the best2019-05-08

By: Kashissh Agrawal

ASR is one if the best tutors Iíve ever had. His teaching skills and experience is one that cannot be matched! Because of his dedication ans hardwork I was able to achieve what I thought I could not achieve. Sir you are amazing! Keep at it, sir!


By: Anoushka Ichpanani

There is only one word to describe Ajeet Sir - Fantastic. He was extremely methodical besides being positive and encouraging . He puts in so much effort in the child and is so dedicated in doing his job perfectly. His worksheets and tests gave so much practise to my daughter and she moved from 40% to 90%. He is committed to his job till the very end . Thank You sir for all your effort .


By: Anoushka Ichpanani

Sir is the best maths teacher I have had so far after changing almost 3-4 teachers I found that sir is the best. Have always got 45/100 in maths but because of sirs dedication i got 89/100 in boards. He is super hardworking and very entertaining


By: Anoushka Ichpanani

Ajeet sir has been a pillar of support throughtout the tenth grade. His hard work and dedication towards my studies has encouraged me and pushed me to my fullest potential ... Not only his worksheets and tests that proveded me with a lot of practice but also his blessings and good wishes made me so confident .. that at any point of time I could solve any sum in the text book ... God very rarely makes teachers like Ajeet sir ... and I have been very lucky to have him as my math teacher .


By: Khyati Furia

Ajeet sir is an extremely dedicated and motivating teacher. His way of teaching, worksheets, methodology is a class apart. A teacher who always brings a smile to every students face...Sir ASR. Blessed is our batch that they were under his able guidance. Thank you so much dear Sir...there can be none like you....youíre the best!

Ajeet Sir2019-02-28

By: Danielle DSouza

Sir thanks a lot for this very precious token of ur love and encouragement . We are really touched with this great gesture of URS. May lord Ganpati bappa bless you and your family always. Sir you make math easy and your student admire you a lot and always look forward to be with you, you have created a special in our hearts.


By: Paramjot Nanda

I am truly bless that my son Muhammad chhabdia got sir like Ajit sir His efforts n hard work is beyond words .His sincerity towards each child is great.Thank u sir for ur motivation u put in every student to do not well but to get 100% .Thank u sir for everything .

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