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by Nisha Alveres ,Parent of Jia Alveres ,Avabai Petit, 9th on Blank Business Name

1) Teaching methods very good as girls understand you very well.2) Weekly tests solved and then corrections done are essential As then the student can know her weak points and mistake areas 3) sometimes gia gets stuck with worksheets, mainly if she has forgotten old topics, but I think you solve their queries at the weekly class.So as long as the students don’t take a break and continue solving maths the continuity is there and then they face no problem.Hope my feedback helps

by Manju Malik on Blank Business Name

It was a wonderful experience for my daughter dhriti to study maths under the guidanceof Ajeet Sir...Very very dedicated n hard working teacher ...weekly test n 7 days
Home work sheet were send by email ...with so much of practice my daughter got a lot of confidence ...She was able to do maths without stress...His classes were always very enjoyable...His pizza parties will be missed by r children...Thanku so muchh to Ajeet sir and your team...

by Ajanta Rath Mishra on Blank Business Name

How do I start? Ajeet sir has been an exemplary teacher. His commitment n dedication is par excellence . I have no words to express his passion n involvement with the kids. He has completely wiped the fear of maths off my child's mind. Her improvement and confidence in her today is all because of the tireless efforts of an assiduous teacher. With his fun-filled techniques and mnemonics, Ajeet sir has made mathematics seem so much easier. His organised way of teaching , helps the child to attain perfection in every topic. He gives ample of practice by giving worksheets on an everyday basis n tests and makes sure each one of his student's concepts are crystal clear. This year the kids had 9 days gap n he made sure that they do 5 worksheets everyday followed by a test n he was always there to clear their doubts. I completely owe my daughters improvement to him. He made sure the kids 'All work an no play" has never been the case with Ajeet sir, he drives away the monotony of a classroom and yet succeeds in proving himself to be the excellent teacher that he is!! In the end I would only say that , how much ever I write is not enough! Ajeet Sir is the best!!!!

by ARYAMAN Patodia on Blank Business Name

Really well taught math and very happy with the methods
And also very well organised teaching

by Saloni Sharma on Blank Business Name
No Fear When ASR Is Here!

"No fear when ASR is here!" is the feeling in the heart when a student is learning Mathematics from Ajeet Sir. I was not a very bright student inathematics. It was always a drudge to do Maths and I only looked for ways to escape from it. I joined Ajeet Sir for Mathematics in the 10th standard. The first meeting itself made me feel how open and dedicated he was towards his students. Ajeet Sir always focuses on concept clarity and makes sure that he does not proceed any sum if the student has any doubt or unclarity. Every week we were e- mailed out a set of seven worksheets with their solutions . One worksheet was to be done daily. Ajeet Sir explained every doubt if we had any in the worksheet. The weekly tests were written under Sir's invigilator. Since I needed help in being more regular with my worksheets , Sir's invigilator was sent twice weekly to supervise my worksheet completion. Before all examinations the number of sums in the worksheets and the number of tests would be increased. It was never all work and no play in Sir's classes. Sir has given us pizza parties which all the students thoroughly enjoyed. I was always under confident with Mathematics and I never even passed. But Sir made me believe that I would pass the exams as if it were a breeze. Sir had full faith in me and helped me better my concepts and to fight the fear of Mathematics. Now I can confidently say that I do not fear Mathematics!! When I told this to Ajeet Sir, he told me that that was his greatest achievement! It is a blessing to know Ajeet Sir and to learn Mathematics from him which is his passion. Ajeet Sir has an incredible team and he is a great team leader!!! I would like to thank Ajeet Sir and his team for all their hard work and efforts!! I hope every student is able to learn from someone like Ajeet Sir! ASR ROXXXX

by Roshni D'souza on Blank Business Name
ASR -A dedicated Maths teacher

Sir, Thank you for teaching Maths. There are many teachers and tutors but a teacher like you are rare. You taught and worked very hard with our kids will all your heart. We truly appreciate your commitment and dedication. You were undoubtedly their favorite teacher. You will always be remembered. Your hard work, dedication and a knack of teaching Maths are unmatched.
May you and your work be blessed always. With pranams and respect??????

by Vedika akhramka on Blank Business Name

The best math teacher ever for icse, no one can teach better than him. Very hard working and the most nurturing teacher I have ever come acros

by Vivek kapoor on Blank Business Name

His teaching is so systematic and well structured. His biggest advantage is that he has students who are not toppers makes them deliver in final board exams speaks volume of him and his teaching.

by Arnav Goyal on Blank Business Name
The only prof you can think of taking for maths.

I have taken Ajeet sir for 10th std math tutorials and definitely he is the best professor. Under his guidance I scored 95/100.
First of all the fear that every student has of math is what sir addresses. He does it by conceptual clarity which will help not only for 10th, but also for HSC and many entrance exams for professional courses in future.
He has a well structured pattern of teaching which starts with a timeline of portion completion, class tests, practice sheets, last minute revision and preliminary exam papers.
Just after attending a few classes you will realise you have made the right decision.
What I have liked the best about Ajeet sir is that the more effort you put in and willingness to learn you show, the more he will invest in you. His teaching style is such that he makes you develop an interest in learning the subject.
And lastly you will never get bored studying with him. Along with learning there is a lot of fun (and yes the lavish treats can't be forgotten).
From my personal experience I can tell you that there is no mugging up of formulas with sir as he believes only in crystal clear concepts. I would definitely recommend taking his classes.

by Vinisha Asrani on Blank Business Name
Ajeet sir: the mentor.

I remember the first day I had approached Ajeet sir for my daughter's maths tuition after she had not performed well in her 9th finals. It was such an end moment approach by us but Ajeet sir managed to give time to my daughter. That was the first rmgiod thing about him. Today Ajeet sir is her friend/guardian/role model and teacher. Ajeet sir shares a very nice bonding with all the kids. Ajeet sir is the only one whom I have seen working so hard with all kids. There are many teachers who see their last years performance then give them admissions to their classes but he takes all the kids equally and works hard with them. Sir has worked so hard with all his students by setting up so many worksheets which have helped our kids to succeed. Determination to succeed and love for all kids makes Ajeet sir the best. Sir, Asmita will always miss you. God bless you.

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